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Gold Bar | 1/100 Troy Ounce | 9999 Fine Gold

Gold Bar | 1/100 Troy Ounce | 9999 Fine Gold

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Introducing the Gold Bar by Scottsdale Mint, hailed as the world's smallest mass-produced gold bar. These bars, meticulously crafted, represent 1/100th of a Troy Ounce of .9999 Pure Gold. Often recognized as "Prepper Gold," these bars offer a convenient and affordable entry into fractional gold options, catering to those seeking smaller denominations.

Product Features:

  • Each bar carries the prestigious Scottsdale Mint hallmark, ensuring authenticity.
  • Clearly marked with Gold Weight & Purity for transparency and reassurance.
  • Compact dimensions of 15 x 8.5 x 0.05 mm make them ideal for various applications.
  • Delivered in secure plastic coin flips for protection and ease of handling.

Scottsdale Mint's commitment to excellence is evident in the precision and quality of these gold bars. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a newcomer exploring fractional gold, this meticulously designed 1/100 Troy Ounce Gold Bar offers a unique and accessible opportunity to enhance your precious metals portfolio.

ISO 9001-2018 certified.


Vendor: Scottsdale Mint
Type: Gold Bar
Weight: 31oz
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