Use Your Assets as a Financial Tool!

Unlock Financial Opportunities Without Selling! Turn Your Stash into Cash with Bullion and Loan!

Looking for quick liquidity without parting with your precious metals? Look no further. Bullion and Loan offers precious metal-backed loans as a reliable alternative to traditional banking, allowing you to leverage your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium holdings without selling your assets.

Here's how it works:

  1. Complete our inquiry form below and receive the application.
  2. Upon approval, ship your precious metals collateral for inspection and secure storage.
  3. Swiftly execute necessary documents, and rest assured funds will be promptly issued.

Monetize your bullion today and seize financial opportunities with ease! Transforming your coins into a valuable financial resource while they remain safely tucked away. Simply give us a call, visit, or ship your coins to us for appraisal.

Discover the hidden worth of your coins, whether it's 90% silver coins dated 1964 and prior, or 40% silver Kennedy half dollars from 1965-1970. Let Bullion and Loan unlock the value of your collection for you.

To Get Started, Fill Out The Form Below:

Gold bars and USD money

Enjoy the Benefits:

  • 75% Advance Rate against Your Collateral Value
  • Quick Underwriting Process, Fast Funding of Your Loan
  • Your Collateral Is Stored Securely, Fully Insured
  • No Origination or Pre-Payment Fees
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Loans Starting at $25,000
  • No Credit Check
  • Online Application - Quick and Secure:

    Provide Basic Contact Information.

    Describe Precious Metal.

    Summarize Financial Position.

    Upload Government-issued ID.

    • Secure Shipping - Insured Transport:

      Ship With USPS or UPS.

      Prepare Package.

      Drop Off Box.

      • Designated Storage - Security by Loomis or Brinks:

        Segregated Holdings. Assets Never Compromised.

        Preserved Assets Returned Upon Loan Payoff.

        • Quick Funding - Most loans are funded within 10 days:

          Zero Loan Fees.

          Online Updates at Your Convenience.

          Direct Wire Into Your Account.

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