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90% Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollars | $1 FV

90% Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollars | $1 FV

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Discover the timeless beauty of the Walking Liberty design with our 90% Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollars, available in a $1 Face Value assortment. These iconic coins, with date marks ranging from 1916 to 1947, showcase Adolph A. Weinman's masterpiece, featured on the American Silver Eagle bullion coin.

Product Highlights:

  • Each set comes in small plastic bags.
  • Date marks span from 1916 to 1947.
  • Contains .36169 Troy oz of actual silver content per coin.
  • Face value of $.50 (USD) per coin, fully backed by the US government.
  • Obverse features the elegant Walking Liberty design.
  • Reverse displays an American bald eagle perched on a mountaintop.
  • Variable date marks, offering a unique touch to each purchase.
  • Total face value of $1 (USD) in each listing.

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar design, replacing the Barber Coinage in 1916, captivates with Lady Liberty in left-profile relief. Symbolizing liberty and prosperity, she strides toward the rising sun, clutching branches of oak and laurel, representing the strength of the United States.

On the reverse, an American bald eagle takes flight from its mountaintop perch, a design reminiscent of Weinman's 1907 creation for the American Institute of Architects gold medal. This iteration showcases the eagle with its head raised, depicting a moment of majesty and strength.

Holding historical significance and crafted with 90% silver content, these Walking Liberty Half Dollars offer a glimpse into America's numismatic heritage. Embrace the beauty and legacy of these coins, each with its own unique character and charm.



Type: Silver Coin
Weight: 22oz
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