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90% Silver Mercury Dimes | $5 FV | Circulated

90% Silver Mercury Dimes | $5 FV | Circulated

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Indulge in the timeless charm of America's beloved coinage with our 90% Silver Mercury Dimes, featuring the iconic design by Adolph A. Weinman. Originally overshadowed by the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, the Mercury Dime has emerged as one of the most cherished and enduring historic designs. Now, you have the opportunity to acquire these 90% Silver Mercury Dimes.

Product Highlights:

  • Arrives in protective plastic, containing 50 dimes.
  • Circulated Mercury Dimes from the years 1916 to 1945.
  • Each coin boasts 90% pure silver content.
  • Bears individual face values of $.10 (USD), fully backed by the federal government.
  • Total face value of $5 available in this listing.
  • Obverse features the iconic image of Winged Liberty.
  • Reverse showcases the symbolic olive branch and Roman fasces.
  • Designed by the renowned artist Adolph A. Weinman.

This product allows you to secure a piece of history with 90% silver, embodied in the timeless design of the nation's greatest 10-cent piece. In the early 1910s, the federal government embarked on a redesign journey to modernize the nation's currency, and Adolph A. Weinman emerged as a key artist with winning designs, influencing both the half-dollar and the 10-cent piece.

Your purchase today encompasses 50 US Mercury Dimes from the circulation period spanning 1916 to 1945. These dimes are meticulously housed in protective plastic, representing a total face value of $5 (USD) and enjoying the full backing of the US government.

The obverse of each coin features the enchanting image of a young Liberty adorned with a winged cap—an exquisite design by Weinman. The close resemblance to the Roman messenger god Mercury led Americans to affectionately dub it the "Mercury Dime," although technically known as the Winged Liberty depiction.

On the reverse, Weinman's artistry continues with the portrayal of a Roman fasces entwined with olive branches of peace—a design that emerged victorious in the competition for new coinage depictions. Weinman's Mercury Dime design replaced the longstanding Barber Coinage by US Mint Chief Engraver Charles E. Barber.

Each US Mercury Dime in this product listing originates from either the Denver Mint, San Francisco Mint, or Philadelphia Mint, adding a touch of historical significance to your collection.



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