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90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars | $100 FV | Circulated

90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars | $100 FV | Circulated

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Introducing our exclusive offering of 90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars in $100 face value bags – a numismatic treasure with about 71.5 troy ounces of pure silver distributed across 200 coins in varying stages of condition. Minted by the US for a single year in 1964, the Kennedy Half Dollar stands as an iconic and sought-after piece in the annals of US Mint history.

The inception of the Kennedy Half Dollar in 1964 was a poignant tribute by the US Mint to honor the recently departed President Kennedy. Boasting exceptional composition, this coin held 12.5 grams of silver with a purity of 90%, aligning it with the esteemed class of pre-1965 mintages. Today, its historical significance, coupled with its intrinsic value, makes the Kennedy Half Dollar not just a cherished collectible but also a valuable asset for astute investors.

The obverse of the Kennedy Half Dollar features a dignified profile of John F. Kennedy, meticulously crafted by artist Gilroy Roberts in collaboration with Jacqueline Kennedy. Every detail, from Kennedy's impeccable coiffure to his iconic smile, is captured in this lifelike portrayal. Encircling his profile, the words "In God We Trust" accompany the coin's mintage year, while the border is adorned with the word "Liberty."

The reverse side proudly showcases a modified rendition of the Presidential Seal. The bald eagle, with outspread wings, upholds a striped shield in its talons while balancing an olive branch and a bundle of arrows. Clasped in its beak is a scroll inscribed with "E Pluribus Unum." Encircling the eagle are 50 stars, enhancing the patriotic design. The coin's denomination and country of issue are engraved along the edge.

This $100 Face Value 90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollar Bag offers an affordable opportunity for collectors and investors alike to acquire a rare and meaningful piece of history. Diversify your portfolio and celebrate the legacy of President Kennedy with this exclusive numismatic offering.


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